Cherado Art Empire Art Gallery was founded back in 2006 by setting up a small exhibition hall for young and talented artists at the old town of the capital city of Latvia - Riga. The purpose of the business was to fill the lacking space for purchasing contemporary art online.

We started by inviting artists and photographers from Baltic States and Russia to join our gallery. They brought to us their paintings during exhibitions we displayed for each artist for over a week, made pictures of their art and started offering online sales by uploading these pictures on our website.

In the first year of the gallery the number of artworks collected in one place exceeded 8000 from over 700 artists so becoming the largest Latvian art gallery mostly offering  originals of classical oil paintings as well as abstract paintings made using the oil technique. In the art gallery you could find more than 100 different art styles.

During the time period and demand we decided to work only with prints. Today we are offering over twenty thousand artworks to be purchased as re-prints on canvas made by our own anonymous team of artists creating abstract and modern art exclusively for Cherado Art Empire designed more for the aesthetic correlation of the premises and living space through the design elements.

Cherado Art Empire's artists and exhibitions are managed by our exhibition curator artist himself and art scientist Andrey Maevskiy who has done a massive input in the galleries growth during all of it's existence years.

Other Intriguing Facts:
Cherado Art Empire works in a close partnership relationships with Tate Modern London since 2007, when gallery owners where invited as officials during the state visit of Latvia to the United Kingdom during which Prince of Wales - Prince Charles, the eldest son of Elizabeth II, introduced both galleries CEO and engaged them in partnership.
The reggae artist Martins Ate (stage name zHustlers), the CEO of Cherado Art Empire has painted only two paintings in his life. One of them is called "The Gift To President" which was given to the 6th President of Latvia (1999-2007) Vaira Vike Freiberga as a gift during her visit to Cherado Art Empire Exhibition Hall in the old town of Riga back in 2006. The other painting is called Danae and was included at the exhibition in the Hermitage of St. Peterburg, Russia during Rembrandt exhibition in 2007.

The logo of Cherado Art Empire is created by Dave Holloway - the winner of the Cannes Gold, One Show Silver and the $100,000 Grand Athena for America's top newspaper campaign – as well as penned two Super Bowl spots more known for his famous campaign "Got MIlk?". Dave Holloway also has done outstanding ads for Bank of America, New York Times and Nike. Up to this day it is hard to believe that just the logo of CheradoArtEmpire costed over $10,000 back in 2006 but it was not just a logo - Dave gave a very personal touch in helping to stimulate the expansion of our business.