Now in Thailand, there are many companies that are launching crypto exchanges and the latest is Thai trading website owned by British nationality who used to test the system in Thailand at the end of the year 62 has returned to restore its reputation - again With Mr. Krisada Somsri – the founder and new partner Mr. Peerawut Tansakul, senior executive of Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited, join hands with the company in Lao PDR in order to apply for a license with the Securities Regulatory Commission (SEC) in Lao PDR and prepare to be open for clients within December, writes Siam Blockchain.

Before expanding to more than 30 countries around the world in the next 2-3 years, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Maldives, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, India and many other countries, additionally the company is preparing to apply for the SEC license in Thailand within next year.

Current presence of a digital currency in the Thailand is strong. Thailand is looking forward to adopt usage of all coins and news are supporting this shift andmake people pay attention and find out more about cryptocurrencies both in Thailand and Lao PDR itself. There are a number of people whose interests are growing in this matter and this number began to expand more widely daily.

From the latest event that Siam Commercial Bank has acquired 51% stake of a Bitkub for a total of 17,850 million THB, the world of finance is connected to the market and cryptocurrency in general now is gaining even more trust of investors.

To invest in cryptocurrency market more and more confident than ever before website offers a licensed web trading board for cryptocurrencies as we have filed for registration in Laos via CEO and founder is Mr. Krisada Somsri, who is currently in a joint venture with a company registered in Laos. Currently company is in the process of setting up a committee and preparing documents for launching a business in Lao PDR .There will be a separate market platform for each country and the Lao market separately. The KYC system is easy to use and varies from country to country. But it will use all liquidity together.

In addition, the exchange also is featuring a trading bot to help investors who want to trade but don't have the time. In Laos, it uses BTC/LAK ,BTC/THB, but can also get BTC/USDT liquidity outside the market.

In the nearest future, the 25hrbanking platform is planned to open in Nepal and is currently in the process of obtaining a license also there. Today the trading pairs that are available are BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XML, and the ones that are planning to open are TRX, XRP, EOS, PAX and USDC. Same are available in Laos as well.

Advantages of the 25hrbanking system

The main advantage of 25HRBanking is its high liquidity and sufficient trading volume that gives users the ability to make transactions at the lowest prices. In addition, the system can be used in a variety of ways, supporting multiple Blockchain networks such as BSC, ETH, Solana, Polkadot, AVAX, etc. The system is designed for users from beginner to professional level. The platform focuses on cutting-edge trading tools and It can handle trading volumes at the level of 1,000,000 transactions/sec. so that users do not miss every important opportunity.

  • Low Fee – In addition to the very low fees, the system also provides an Incentive Pool to its users by distributing Governance Tokens within the platform for rebate trading.
  • Strong Security – The system has a standard private key storage. Supports standard MultiSig applications such as BitGo.
  • Fast and Sharp – Speed and reliability are one of the key factors in user trust.Our trading system can handle trading volumes of 1,000,000+ TPs – a key feature as users won't be able to lose even a second if the system crashes or delays.

"The platform is designed to support both users: work as a person and the API - designed for those who want to use Quantitive Trading or Trading Algorithms. UX/UI Friendly – User experience matters. The system is designed for traders. By highly experienced traders so that users can start using it from Beginner to Advanced level. The platform is designed with tools that are complete and easy to use with every function", Mr. Makwan Worabutr, the General Manager of 25HRBanking says.

As for the 25hrbanking Defi system, it will have a regulated coin called "Bollocoin" and run on the Binance Smart Chain (Bep20) network with a cheap fee Including features such as bot trading that is highly flexible in operation and has been passed through a long testing process.

Bollocoin can also be used to buy luxury 5-star condos in the Maldives. Value up to 2,000 million baht and all coin supply ($1,000,000,000) will also be burned by 50% over time. By taking these actions, it will be an extension of the Company's real estate development in the Maldives and Laos.

25hrbanking solves the biggest problem in crypto trading today

"The problems that investors face frequently in Thailand allows us to see many weaknesses and these points will be developed for the better. these issues includes expensive fees. Recently some websites used to have Blackouts, making people can't trade for a week, losing their opportunity to make a profit, plus they lost interest savings on deposits. These are important issues that have resulted in investors being unable to sell the rising coins or cut their losses in time. Also there are so many restrictions on use that it makes investors worried about the form of rules and regulations that still can't keep up with the fast-changing world of crypto," says Mr. Makwan Worabutr, the CEO of 25HRBanking.

So let's welcome becoming a new alternative to investors for providing better trading options, more variety, more convenience and safety. We expect that the platform will become a part of the crypto market and in the future along with the development to meet what investors are looking for together.